Behavior Modification

No issue is too big or too small.

Behavior modification entails modifying a dog’s behavior for the purposes of increasing or decreasing wanted and unwanted behaviors.

Dog World Order’s behavior modification training offers flexible programming for every dog and every lifestyle. Our training methods are designed to best suit the dog and parent while using reward-based techniques. Our safe, family-friendly training is fun and effective and enriches dogs at every stage of life.

Whether it’s in a group setting, private lessons or training while you’re away, Dog World Order will work to design a program that meets your needs and your schedule.

How can we help?

We primarily do in-home consults, and consultations are about 90 minutes to 2 hours long and are $160 per consult (Within 17 miles of La Verne/ $170: 18mi-25mi/ $180:26mi-44mi/ $200: over 45mi).

Virtual consults are $100 for One Hour consult. An assessment is done upon first session to get a clear understanding of where we are at.

We focus primarily on teaching clients Dog Psychology and Behavior which in turn allows their training to become much easier. From any sort of behavioral issue to establishing solid foundations for younger dogs…we work with all, and we don’t exclude any breeds. We encourage all members of the family that are actively involved in the dogs life, to take part in the consultation!

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**Please note, we are now offering Board and Train in 2, 3, and 4 week periods at $140 per day. (Minimum two weeks)**

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